Boxee TV - Digital Media Receivers

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  • Boxee TV セットトップボックス $99、月額$15
  • over-the-air DVR(Digital video recorder)
  • 11月1日サービス・スタート
  • ハードディスクの用意は不要
  • 録画データは全てクラウドにアップロードされて保存
  • 保存容量は無制限「No Limits DVR」
  • 視るときはクラウドからデータを引き出す
  • TVで視るのはもちろん、HTML5仕様のWebサイトで視ることができる。
  • スマートフォンやタブレットを使って録画を視れる。
  • 2チャンネルまでを同時録画可能
  • EPG(electronic program guide) も提供される
  • スタート時のサービス地域  New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Washington

Huff Postの記事
Unlike other DVRs which store shows on a hard drive within the device, Boxee's "No Limits" DVR instantly uploads your recorded content via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable into a storage locker on the Internet. You can access your recordings either on your television through the Boxee box, or on any Internet browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone on the Boxee website. With a monthly subscription fee, Boxee provides an infinite amount of online storage space for your recordings; if you choose not to subscribe to the service, you get a reduced amount of space.

 if you really wanted to, you could record all day, every day, and you would not hit any kind of storage limit. The Boxee TV can record up to two channels at once, which I think we can agree is a lot of potential recorded TV.